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Release Notes > osgNV-0.6.2

Release date: 18 December 2008

  • Synchronized with latest OSG updates (2.7.6) and CMake building system is used.
  • New physics engine (nVIDIA physX) SUPPORT:

  • Add a new osgNVPhysx library, which is going to support the nVIDIA physX physics engine step by step! Creation and computation of scenes and rigid actors are supported at present.
  • Add a new example osgnvphysxboxes to demonstrate how to create a physics scene and dynamic boxes and do physics simulations using the osgNVPhysx library.
  • Cg interface changes:

  • Added new profiles supported by Cg 2.1.
  • Added new ProgramManager class to manage profiles, texture parameters and varying parameters.
  • Added new TextureParameterValue class for texture parameters (cgGLSetTextureParameter). No need always bind textures to texture units now.
  • Added new BufferParameterValue class for buffer parameters (cgSetProgramBuffer).
  • Integrated parameter pointer functions (cgGLSetParameterPointer) to LocalParameter, using setUseParamPointer() to switch between parameter pointers and arrays.
  • osgNVCg::VaryingParameter and osgNVCg::CgGeometry are deleted.
  • Fixed the destroying Cg contexts and programs problems.
  • Add a new example osgnvcgprograms, which demonstrates how to use Cg programs in different nodes, how to create callbacks for parameter animation, and how to use the new texture parameter class.
  • Added a new example osgnvcggeometry to demonstrate how to use gemetry shaders.
  • Add a new example osgnvcginkwash, which is contributed by a Chinese engineer Wei Ye and shows how to implement inkwash painting effect to models.