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High Dynamic Range Water

sent by Marco Jez

A water surface that features environment mapping and Fresnel term. The lighting environment is a real-world HDR irradiance map.

HDR Materials (underexposed)

sent by Marco Jez

This scene uses complex Cg fragment shaders to implement HDR materials whose properties, such as reflectivity and Fresnel term, vary over the object's surface (see the upper-right skull). The scene is lit by an irradiance map and therefore features accurate real-world lighting. Note how bright areas are preserved even in this underexposed shot, thanks to the higher dynamic range.

HDR Materials (overexposed)

sent by Marco Jez

Same as above, but with a different exposure value to make the shot overexposed.

HDR Car with Fresnel term and glow effect

sent by Marco Jez

This is an experiment on combining HDR and image-based lighting with a Fresnel term. The result is not so realistic because the same Fresnel term was applied to all surfaces, instead of choosing the right value for each different material. An image-space glow effect is added to the scene, although it is not computed in HDR.

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